We are a privately owned company serving the State of Arizona & New Mexico successfully for over 25 years. Our company opened its doors in the early 80’s having the vision to offer quality and knowledgeable gas related services to the natural gas Master Meter owner/operators. Today we still successfully manage and implement projects all across Arizona and New Mexico. We are a multi-craft employer and provide a wide variety of services, ranging from gas line code compliance survey’s to turnkey gas line distribution system installations not to mention water pipeline construction installation and repairs.

When schedules matter, we offer a competitive advantage you can count on. Having the state of the art computer software, it makes our job easy and precise to quickly relay information to our technicians and customers

We provide outstanding office support to our customers and field personal that makes projects run smoothly. In the field, we maintain a steady workforce of skilled technicians and project
managers so that all projects proceed swiftly to a conclusion.

You will find that our technicians and project managers take great pride in both the quality of their work, the safety in the work zone and the satisfaction of their finished product. It is our goal at Aridland Gas Specialist to provide a knowledgeable resource to allow the owner/operator to have a safe and reliable gas & water distribution system.


  • Development of map design drawing (partial, phasing, complete)
  • Full contract administration services
  • Development of a complete bid specification package
  • Expertise in safety and maintenance training programs
  • Strategy planning for future project budgeting


For more than 25 years we have successfully provided pipeline construction and survey compliance services to mobile home parks, apartments, military bases, schools and industrial facilities alike. We handle everything from new installation of natural gas & water pipeline construction, gas and water line repairs, survey compliance, system design, cathodic protection installation, technical services, backflow testing, installation, repairs, gas line leak, and line locating.




Turnkey construction project designed and replaced a new gas line distribution system.



Installed the natural gas distribution system for expansion projects in Eloy, AZ.



This project gave us the opportunity to help develop an increased system pressure rating along with installing a new gas line for their Life Science building.