We are experienced in Code Compliance Survey’s, Constructing gas pipeline distribution systems, Pipeline repairs, System design and general maintenance projects.

Aridland Gas Specialist brings over 45 years of experience to every project. Our leaders have had the great opportunity to experience prior employment with national performing gas utility companies. Values, training, and experiance equal nothing less than above standard expectations at Aridland Gas Specialist.

General Service

  • New Gas Line installation
    Both above ground and underground with today’s newest approved materials.
  • Gas line repair and relocation
    Steel, Polyethylene including PVC.
  • Gas System Maintenance
    To meet the CFR 49 192 code and ACC state codes.
  • Operator Training
    Property employees will be trained on operating and emergency AOC (Abnormal Operating Conditions).

Master Meter Compliance Service

  • Leak survey
    Annual and quarterly inspections.
  • Cathodic Protection testing and installation
    Digital testing for annual performance readings.
  • Maintenance & Training
    Annual operation and emergency training manual including guidelines.
  • Line Locating
    Gas line electronic locating to eliminate incidence.
  • Gas Mapping
    Computer generated mapping and file storage for future reference.

24-hour Emergency on call

(602) 243-5835